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Our goal is to promote Jamaican culture while also giving back to the island through our service foundation. As the diaspora continues to grow, we aim to bring home those of Jamaican descent and connect them to their homeland. 


Through these tours, we hope to educate the masses who love and appreciate our culture and want to become fully immersed in it and provide moments of adventure, thrill, and great memories. 

Why Caribbean P.O.?





Jamaica’s tourism capital and nicknamed the islands “Second City,” Montego Bay is a tropical city that lies in the northwest coast. Home to the island’s most scenic beaches and a rich colonial history. There’s a lot to do for all visitors.


Known for it’s natural beauty and a popular destination for cruise visitors, Ocho Rios is a colorful town with a lot to offer. It’s mystic mountains and deep rivers became the tropical setting for the 1962 James Bond movie, Dr. No. Ocho Rios is Jamaica’s hidden gem and the perfect pitstop for locals going on road trips.


The capital. The business center. The cultural center. Jamaica’s crown jewel. Kingston is nestled between the Blue Mountains and the southern coast. Although Kingston may not be known for it’s beaches, it still has much to offer through it’s nightlife, restaurant scene, shopping, galleries and mountain views.


The definition of a beach town. Thanks to its seven mile beach and cliffside getaways, Negril is the one true escape in paradise. Hotels, restaurants, & bars line the beach and give visitors closer access to local businesses and vendors. Negril is a serene destination, ideal for those looking for some peace and quiet.


Port Antonio has been stealing the hearts of many as of late and remains one of the most natural destinations that is not as built up as the others. Sitting in the northeastern coast of the island, Port Antonio is a remote locale with stunning rivers and quiet blue waters, lagoons and coves.

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